Solid brass square bar kitchen handles - 6 sizes 4" to 27.5"

Handle size

Our full range of one of our most popular cupboard drawer handles now in 6 lengths.

All 3 smaller sizes are shown in the first picture. The 3 sizes, starting with the smallest are

1 - Regular handle 4"- 102mm wide x 25mm inch deep - distance between screw centres is 93mm

2- Large Handle 5.3 "- 135mm wide x 30mm deep distance between screw centres is 125mm

3- XL handle 7.75 "- 200mm wide x 30mm deep distance between screw centres is 189mm

We have 2 very large sizes below - same dimensions in every respect other than length.

4 - XXL handle . 12" version x 30mm deep - distance between screw centres is 290mm

5- XXXL HANDLE . 18" version x 30mm deep - distance between screw centres is 445 mm

All 5 are the same colour, the same width in terms of the handle / bar, and are designed to be mixed and matched together throughout your project,

Please use the drop down menu bar to choose your quantity.

▪ All handles are individually wrapped, and come with stainless steel fitting screws .
▪ Brand new- SOLID BRASS.- non lacquered. 

-Thickness of the handle is approximately 10mm square bar. A good solid brass handle with a nice weight .

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