Solid brass square handles with backplate

$27.00 $30.00

Solid brass and unlacquered handle with backplate.

Available in 4 lengths:

Handle length 19"
Backplate width - 1.2"
Hole to hole - 18"

Handle length 12.5"
Backplate width - 1.2"
Hole to hole - 12"

Handle length 7.75"

Handle length 6"
Backplate width - 1.2"
Hole to hole - 5.4"

All handles are individually wrapped, and come with fitting screws

Please note these handles should only be fitted by a professional or someone with suitable skills. You will be required to route / shave a section of the drawer front to get a flush finish -

Care requirements : Clean with warm damp cloth - never use abrasives on the surface or any chemical agent, and do not leave any spill un attended if it is acidic ( orange / lime juice etc ) as it will etch the brass and leave a shiny mark once cleaned.

Due to very high order volumes we can't offer any custom sizes or designs at this time.

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