L shaped brass kitchen handles - 3 sizes 4.7" to 12"


Solid brass kitchen handles. Brand new for 2020.
All hardware from the antiqued patina range will match in colour. Be adventurous and pair with our hexagonal brass pulls for a great look.

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Our award wining handles are un lacquered and have a gorgeous vintage patina that locks in the colour for years to come. Supplied with fitting screws and available in a range of 3 sizes ;


All 3 sizes are shown in the first picture . The 3 sizes , starting with the smallest are :

1 - Regular handle - 4.75 inches " / 120mm wide x 17mm inch deep ( the depth of the face of the handle) -
Top of the handle from rear of screw holes to the front face; 35mm

2- Large Handle -8 inches " / 202mm wide x 17mm deep ( size of facing section) .Top section ; 35mm

3- XL handle - 12 inches " / 280mm wide x 17mm deep ( size of facing section) Top Section; 35mm

Please note these handles should only be fitted by a professional or someone with suitable skills. You will be required to route / shave a section of the drawer front to get a flush finish -

Care requirements : Clean with warm damp cloth - never use abrasives on the surface or any chemical agent, and do not leave any spill un attended if it is acidic ( orange / lime juice etc ) as it will etch the brass and leave a shiny mark once cleaned.

All 3 are the same colour, and are designed to be mixed and matched together throughout your project , or with any other brass items in the shop .. They are incredibly popular and we now try to hold constant stock with manufacturing runs of 500 at a time - .

Please be aware that all hardware items are sold in singles unless specifically detailed otherwise. A picture showing multiple items is for visual purpose only and does not indicate that all and any items shown in the listing pictures are included in the sale. 

We do not offer returns on orders where a sample was not placed before committing to a larger order. All hardware is custom made and once you have placed an order it is considered final. A restocking fee of 30% is applicable on any cancelled orders. 

Please verify the size details before you place an order. We are very happy to confirm sizes details if required. Orders returned because an item " doesn't fit" will not be refunded as all size details are available prior to placing the order. 

Due to very high order volumes we can't offer any custom sizes or designs at this time.