4" Solid brass cup pull handles


Make the most of your kitchen with these handsome 4" cup pull handles. These solid brass handles have been slowly polished to create an antique finish that provides tons of character. Installing hardware with character can completely transform any space, so treat your kitchen and bathroom to a new lease of life.

Mix these with our 1.35mm round pulls for a perfect look. See our Instagram page for examples.

Cast from solid brass and aged with a lovely golden patina, these handles will match perfectly with other items to get a seamless matching finish.


  • Width: 98mm
  • Height: 35mm
  • Depth: 22mm

Please note that the mounting arms on the rear can have 1-2mm difference in height from the opposing side, and this needs to be considered when fitting / drilling.

Drill one fixing hole and then square the handle to mark the correct drilling position for the second hole.