Pineapple brass hook

Ships February 6, 2019

Mini brass decorative hook. Fantastic Pineapple decor for your home. great robe or towel hooks. Bathroom door hooks and hangers. Fix them to your coat rack. Great mounting hooks for the bedroom, or use them as cabinet hardware and fix them inside your wardrobe.

This is our smallest version at 8 cm in length.

▪ Listing is for 1 pineapple wall hook and fitting screw.
▪ Condition : New
▪ Material : SOLID BRASS.
▪ Measurements ( approx): Long : 3" inches /: Wide ;1"" inches .

Are you looking for something a little larger? Try our 4" pineapple wall hook here :,order:ascending,stats:true/257089074

or perhaps our largest version at 7" long :


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