Straight flat bar solid brass handles

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Handle size

Enhance your home or furniture with our exquisite, hand-finished flat square handle, made from solid brass.

Crafted from solid brass, these handles are not only elegant, but also durable and reliable. Our square bar handles have a thickness of 10mm, giving them a weighted and comfortable grip. Being hand finished ensures a high level of quality and attention to detail complementing your home.

Available in six sizes:

  • 4 inches (102mm)
    • Distance between screw centres is 521/32 inches (93mm)
    • Handle depth: 31/32 of an inch (25mm)
  • 53/10 inches (135mm)
    • Distance between screw centres is 459/64 inches (125mm)
    • Handle depth: 31/32 of an inch (25mm)
  • 73/4 inches (200mm)
    • Distance between screw centres is 77/16 inches (189mm)
    • Handle depth: 31/32 of an inch (25mm)
  • 12 inches (305mm)
    • distance between screw centres is 1127/64 inches (290mm)
    • Handle depth: 31/32 of an inch (25mm)
  • 18 inches (457mm)
    • Distance between screw centres is 1733/64 inches (445mm)
    • Handle depth: 31/32 of an inch (25mm)
  • 271/2 inches (699mm)
    • Distance between screw centres is 273/64 inches (687mm)
    • Handle depth: 31/32 of an inch (25mm)

If you are unable to find a precise match with your screw-holes, then our matching handles with backplates to cover your existing holes may be better suited. The backplate range allows you to choose the perfect handle style and size without having to compromise.

Packaged with strong, corrosion-resistant stainless steel fitting screws, these handles are easy to install and secure. Foundryman hardware is perfect for updating your kitchen cabinets, drawers, doors, or any other furniture; complementing any style and decor, from modern to traditional.

Foundryman: Handmade Solid Brass Hardware for Your Home

At Foundryman we craft handmade brass hardware for your home. Our products are made and finished by hand, using natural solid brass that is both durable and elegant. Our hardware is easy to install and update, and can transform your furniture and cabinets in minutes.

We do this because we care about your home, and your environment. We want to help you create a beautiful home with high quality products, while also extending the life of your existing furniture and kitchen, reducing landfill usage.