1.35" Round solid brass kitchen knobs

$11.00 $12.00

Classic brass cabinet hardware. Solid brass pulls and handles perfect for kitchen cupboards and drawers. Designed with a nice wide head for an ergonomic feel.  

Measurements approximate
  • 1" inch or 2.45 cm high
  • 1.35 inches or 3.5 cm wide (across the head)
  • Approx 4mm depth to the head - they have a nice, thin ergonomic feel.
All of our cabinet hardware is made from pure solid brass and is free from impurities. 


All of our hardware is designed to be mixed and matched. The standard colour you will receive is the antiqued brass patina. You can fix different styles in the same area and the colour will be very similar. Most of our orders are for mixed styles and we get excellent feedback.