• For 2023, homeowners across the nation are eager to introduce some new changes into their homes, as the 'New Year, New Home' trend grows popular amongst households throughout January.
  • Here at The Foundryman, we encourage people to avoid making impulse decisions, as it can cost you vast amounts over the months with outdated interiors and old trends that simply won’t add value to your home.
  • We’ve labelled everything you should know about what to avoid this year.

Your home’s interiors are personal and should be considered unique to you. Those looking for the next DIY trend for the new year should carefully consider what would make their home fresher and whether it adds improvement or not, as opposed to jumping on outdated trends and making any rash decisions, to change up their style.

People also need to be wary of interior costs, as living costs continue to drive families and most households to alternate ways of living. We have listed all things to avoid so your home’s affordable makeover for 2023 can be achieved in the right, cost-effective way.

What was said about interior design trends last year?

A review of what was said in 2022. The interior design industry is always changing as new materials, styles, and techniques emerge. Here’s a mention of what was popular last year:

Neutral shades

Neutral shades have been a huge trend for years and we’re not surprised why, they match almost any other shade you want to work with, they’re relaxing and they’re easy to style. These peaceful shades are here to stay for a long time! In 2022 we saw terracotta shades become particularly popular within this palette and we predict this shade will continue to reign in 2023.

Patterned wallpaper

2022 was the year for ostentatious wallpaper! Zebra’s, giraffes, tigers, we really did see it all! Paired perfectly with the neutral palette we have already mentioned we can see why this trend really took off in 2022. We don’t expect this interior fans’ firm favourite to go anywhere in 2023.

Bold patterns and colours

Think 60s and 70s vibes, this trend was huge in 2022 and we even saw it spill into people’s wardrobes! We don’t think this trend will go anywhere soon, people are in too deep!

English farmhouse

2022 saw people from all over the country try to recreate an idyllic English countryside style home. An eclectic mix of antique furniture and contemporary design elements massively appeals to a lot of people and therefore this charming rustic style is here to stay for 2023.

Interior trends to avoid in 2023

For 2023, anyone revamping their interiors should be mindful of the trends that may have been popular in recent years but will likely start to appear dated soon. Here’s a list of trends to avoid:

The ‘grey everything’ trend

The trend of having your home in every shade of grey and white was made popular in 2018 but colour lovers will be pleased to hear that this trend is being left behind in 2022. A few years ago it seems that everyone’s Instagram and Pinterest had been taken over by this interior design trend and all the high street shops quickly caught on. Now though, interior experts have drawn the line, and it seems many people are ready to ditch this all round very dull colour palette in their homes.


Much like the grey trend, there’s only one place for neons and that’s in the past. We’re not sure how this style ever came back into our homes but we’re glad that it's being left behind. This doesn’t mean that all colour is being left behind however, just tone it down slightly! In fact, two of the biggest colour trends for 2023 are sage green (no surprises here) and lavender, so if you love a pop of colour in your home try using these shades to accessorise.

Subway tiles

Otherwise known as Metro tiles, this trend has been going strong for many years now but, alas, it’s time we all moved on. At one time this style of tiling was quirky and made your house stand out from the crowd, now this trend has been fully saturated, it doesn’t give the same ‘wow’ factor that it once used to.

Large and impractical lighting

This trend really came to light in 2021 and 2022 when everyone wanted to have a statement shade or fitting in their home! Yes, when done correctly these lights made an impact, homeowners were finding them to be impractical and inconvenient for everyday usage. Replacing this trend is the use of small, eco-friendly and chic lamps, these are a much nicer way to create an ambience in your living space rather than a huge bright light!

Ultra minimalistic

Do you really want to live in a clinical waiting room? No, not really, and neither does anybody else it seems as this trend has been given the boot for 2023! Think monochrome colour scheme, no clutter and clean lines. This trend was everything but practical, especially for those with a large family! Although the idea of living in a clutter-free and tranquil home sounds nice the reality is that it just isn’t always possible. For 2023 more and more families want cosy and liveable spaces that they can make their own, so unfortunately for minimalist fans, this trend will be left in the dark.

January 19, 2023 — Alex Walker
Tags: interior